Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Crazy Fun at Best Buy!!

It's been quite a bit since I last posted but I've been out having too much fun! For the Thanksgiving holiday, we went to our friends who moved out to Springfield,MO. Her husband is the GM for Best Buy out there. It was the MOST fun we have had as a family in a VERY long time.
My parents mentioned that I should look for them a new laptop for Dad and a new digital camera for Mom (which means for me too) to purchase on Black Friday since I happened to have an inside at Best Buy and all. Since there was such a good deal on both items, but my friend's hubby DOES NOT play favs, we decided after finding out that at 11pm Thanksgiving night, there was already a large line forming that it was worth it for us to get in line too. SO by midnight, we too were in line waiting for two laptops (a friend of my friend wanted one also), a digital camera, a flash drive (the friend's) and the new Neverwinter Nights 2 (YOU BETTER BELIEVE THAT WAS MINE!!!! GOTTA GET MY GEEK ON!!)
We sat with blankies, large poofy jackets with hot cocoa in a thermos and the new yummy candy cane hershey kisses (oh man, the new addiction) in our camp chairs. We sat from midnight until 3 am (yes, you saw right). There were the trips to the porta-potties (courtesy of our GM friend, thanks!). You would not believe the setups we saw!! Some young guys had a pop-up camper pulled onto the line with extension cords running to a pickup they used as a generator. They had TV in there with X-box!! I kid you not! There were folks with cots, sleeping bags, portable heaters. We asked the first folks in line how long they had been there- since Thursday they said. I felt silly enough waiting for as long as we did, but that's NUTS!!
We were treated to t-shirts being given (thrown into the crowd to get our blood pumping again!! WHEEE!!) and doughnuts given to the back of the line. Oh, the line was over a 1/2 mile long was what I heard. I was about 200 folks from the front and the line was huge behind me.
SO at 3am, the Best Buy employees told us all to line up single file (we complained for this was a mistake). It ensued much running in panic to keep your place and some cheating on the place of those that just jumped from their cars into the line. There we STOOD for another hour until 4am when vouchers were handed out for the items on the 7 hour sale (front page of the add). We then waited for until 5am for the doors to open.
The doors were FLUNG open and the carnage began!!!! There was the biggest push of humanity I have ever seen! (I'm in Kansas so packs of people is not a common occurrence). There was no violence, just lots of jockeying for the goodies we wanted. I stood 2 lines for 3 hours total but I got my game, a nifty laptop for $250 (yes, you saw right!!) and the spiffiest new digital camera for $189!!!
We have already put the camera to use for my mom and OH BABY, was it nice!!

This was the funnest, silliest thing my friend and I have EVER done! What a riot!!
Would we do it again? You betcha but after a nap this time!!!

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