Saturday, November 03, 2007

Halloween Carnage!!

It's a wee Harry Potter ready and anxious to start the festivities! He's soo cute!

Here is our hero Link guarding the haul and what a great haul it was!! Soooo much candy, holy cow!!(Love the look on his face, "mine I tell ya, MINE!!")

Now for the really scary stuff!! Hubby was EmoBoy and I was a school girl gone bad. I think we love Halloween almost more then the kiddies!!

I actually have been doing some knitting, but not much. I haven't gotten the camera away from my mom in awhile (in case anyone noticed a serious lack of posting, eep). Now I need to get back on the blogging stick! I miss it here! I have been teaching an early morning class for church called seminary. It's a scripture study, this year focusing on Old Testament and it takes me about THREE hours a day to prepare. Seems like that's all I've done lately- study and prepare for class. I have been getting it under control though so time to get back to other things like blogging and knitting (and maybe some laundry and cleaning toilets... Nah)!!!!