Thursday, November 16, 2006

Not quite knitting content

ok, so it's not even close. It is yarn, but just one stick. I saw a cute scarf made from lots of little crocheted flowers in three colors, then connected in rows. SOOO of course I thought, "oh, how easy!! I could make that!!!" I'm making one for a friend. I thought a cute little skull cap with a bigger flower to match.

MAn!! I wish my fingers could go faster!! I FINALLY finished the project of dooooom!! I can't say what it is since it's a birthday present for somebody (and I'm late, what a dork!!) Because I love her, it was worth it. I even didn't curse it with bad karma from all the bad words I uttered at it. Seeing as it was the project's fault and all, it had it coming!! Couldn't have had anything to do with me!!! NO WAY!!

I've been ooogling what to make for Christmas presents and who would appreciate handcrafted goodness and who gets store bought. Ya, you know who you are!!! I bought a Martha Stewart holidays, oooh, stuff I can make!! I neeeed to make the felted slippers! The instructions for these and lots of goodies from the magazine can be found here Martha Stewart Living

Not that she needs my help, but I reallllly liked this magazine. It's full of things I want and CAN do for normal people. Wow, usable things for normal prices from Martha. Who knew?!!


Heatherly said...

hurray! cute and quick slippers! i am making heather bailey booties, this will be great for the other sibling!

Nikki said...

Those slippers are cute. For some strange reason they look like they shouldn't be and yet they are.

Deborah said...

If for nothing more, the magazine is beautifully photographed, i read it in the supermarket all the time! I should take a subscription, cheaper than newsstand.

sweetfigs said...

I wish I could crochet like that! I'm knitting a lace shawl and the final step is to crochet the border. Ugh. Not my speciality.