Friday, November 03, 2006

Another successful experiment- Single skein knitting bag

What do you guys think? I'm feeling pretty good about this one as a first sample. It's a single skein knitting bag, made on purpose to be small. It fits a cake of yarn perfectly. I think maybe tooo perfectly though. Maybe a bit bigger to fit a project larger then socks. I put a clip on the bag so the handle could be removed and the bag hooked onto a bigger bag. There is a draw string on the other side but you can't see it. The bag could be closed and hold the yarn inside as you knit along. The yarn can be secure and not flop around and fall on the floor as you pull from a skein. (I want this to keep my yarn safe while knitting so doggy hair doesn't get on the skein. At least slow the dog hair content down a little ya know!!) Just trying some ideas. Thinking the pocket either needs to be bigger or not there. Maybe a long skinny slot for scissors. I'm gonna carry it to the next open knitting day at my LYS and put it to a reality test. Sorry the picture isn't so spiffy, I was feeling lazy. The weather is windy and grey so it's not my fault. Everything is quiet and slow around the house today. I need a snack not that ISN'T candy. Who would ever think those words would ever be spoken?!?!

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Dawn said...

I really like that...bravo!