Monday, July 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Brodi!

I would like to proudly introduce you to my new nephew, Benjamin Brodi. Brodi was born Friday night at 12:30 and weighs 5 lbs, 4 ozs. He is a bit early, but all is well and he will get to come home Tuesday!! (He has had to have a breathing tube due to his earliness) I get to go for a visit in a week!! My sister is doing well also and came home Sunday. He looks so cute and tiny, I can't wait!!

While my sister was in labor, my family and I were doing all the Potter parties! After sending the kids home with hubby, I waited patiently for midnight like every other fan, but learned from experiance to go to Walmart and NOT wait in the huge Borders line (I waited 2 hours to pick up my copy and then pay last time). Sure enough, walked into Walmart, zipped through a super fast line and was in my car within 20 minutes. Walking past Borders, people were sitting on the floor still waiting to get their book. Hubby and I finished reading and still walking around with our jaws hanging open when we think about all that happened! (No worries, no spoilers here).

Now, since the book is read I can get on with some baby knitting. Must.. work.. faster!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Order of the Phoenix ROCKS!

We got to see it!! We got to see it!! MAN, I know I'm not the first and won't be the last to wonder how the heck they made my least favorite Harry Potter book into, I think, the best movie!?!?" All my family and I could say was "WOW!!"

This is becoming the most exciting month for us geeks! A new Harry Potter movie with the final book nipping on it's heals (I'm part excited, sad and "concerned" about the book). Plus,my favorite RPG mod, Aielund Saga is also coming to it's long awaited finale. (It's a "Neverwinter Nights" mod in case you're wondering)

Of course with the new movie means some fabulous new knitting!!! So many cute scarves and some really awesome new sweaters. DARK school sweaters and check out Hermione's gryffindor hoodie!! I need it! OOOH BOY!!

Um, I really need to lay off the exclamation points. Yike

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Best Secret Pal EVER!!

Mangy Ratso has got the be the BEST Secret Pal in the history of Secret Pals!! SP10 has come to a close (signups are getting ready for sp11).

Mangy Ratso (who has still not told me her real name) sent me the most luscious gourmet chocolates from San Francisco- Lemon Verbeana or Pink Peppercorn chocolates anyone? No? Good, 'cause I ate them! She also sent THREE hanks of alpaca to match the chocolates (YUM!!), five hanks of lucsious Classic Elite robin's egg blue cotton (my favorite color, which she knew), one beautiful hank of HER handspun, enough for socks or a scarf AND a nifty booklet on yarn requirements for many projects. SUPER handy for shopping!!

I just stood with my mouth hanging open as all of this fabulousness kept poring out. Thank you so much Mangy Ratso, you are FABULOUS!!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Birthday America!!

Hope everyone has a great Independance Day!! Keep is safe and sane. (Ugh, those 'mom' words just must be said right?)

Hope your day is full of family, friends and some good bar-b-q!!