Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Three Bags- Not so Full

Well it's about time I think!! Three bags for my poor little Etsy store!! Yaaayy!! I thought a couple of simple totes would be nice for summer. Easy little somethings to throw some knitting in or some library books. The red fabric is vintage, the horizontal blue stripe is a recycled sweater I felted. Feels good to make old things new again! The hats are things I'm making to donate. They are my very first hats!! The little blue jester (it fits my closed fist) is from "Knitting For Peace." This book is so motivational, once I quit blubbering over some of the stories. I have a small stack of things to donate, but want to do more. The pink hat is kinda big. I'm hoping there is a lady who has a bit bigger head then me or at least more hair that can use it.

Now off to try to create more and make my Etsy store not so little!! It's about stinkin' time!! Three bags is not so full!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

International Tote 3 Sent!!

Finally!! After a bummer with my first bag (felted badly), this is my tote. It is on it's way to a new home, hopefully it will be loved. I would like to make this pattern again, but in different color schemes. (sorry the shape looks a little wonky, it's got pressies inside. It pinches then flares back out which I didn't photograph very well).
And I found these sweaters at a few of my local DAV/Goodwill. I see some new bags in the future!! I'm excited since it's been toooooo long since I've put anything in my Etsy shop. I have more ideas then I seem to have time. No one knows what that's like huh?And last but not least, some of the most luscious yarn I've ever felt!! These are going to be part of my Granny Along squares I think. I didn't realize I would love this yarn soooo much though. I'm seeing all kinds of things that it needs to become, not just Granny squares. So many possiblities!! Neeed more yarn!!!! Good thing I found a good store on Ebay whom I've used before. Try this if you dare!!! Yarnbow.