Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Crazy Fun at Best Buy!!

It's been quite a bit since I last posted but I've been out having too much fun! For the Thanksgiving holiday, we went to our friends who moved out to Springfield,MO. Her husband is the GM for Best Buy out there. It was the MOST fun we have had as a family in a VERY long time.
My parents mentioned that I should look for them a new laptop for Dad and a new digital camera for Mom (which means for me too) to purchase on Black Friday since I happened to have an inside at Best Buy and all. Since there was such a good deal on both items, but my friend's hubby DOES NOT play favs, we decided after finding out that at 11pm Thanksgiving night, there was already a large line forming that it was worth it for us to get in line too. SO by midnight, we too were in line waiting for two laptops (a friend of my friend wanted one also), a digital camera, a flash drive (the friend's) and the new Neverwinter Nights 2 (YOU BETTER BELIEVE THAT WAS MINE!!!! GOTTA GET MY GEEK ON!!)
We sat with blankies, large poofy jackets with hot cocoa in a thermos and the new yummy candy cane hershey kisses (oh man, the new addiction) in our camp chairs. We sat from midnight until 3 am (yes, you saw right). There were the trips to the porta-potties (courtesy of our GM friend, thanks!). You would not believe the setups we saw!! Some young guys had a pop-up camper pulled onto the line with extension cords running to a pickup they used as a generator. They had TV in there with X-box!! I kid you not! There were folks with cots, sleeping bags, portable heaters. We asked the first folks in line how long they had been there- since Thursday they said. I felt silly enough waiting for as long as we did, but that's NUTS!!
We were treated to t-shirts being given (thrown into the crowd to get our blood pumping again!! WHEEE!!) and doughnuts given to the back of the line. Oh, the line was over a 1/2 mile long was what I heard. I was about 200 folks from the front and the line was huge behind me.
SO at 3am, the Best Buy employees told us all to line up single file (we complained for this was a mistake). It ensued much running in panic to keep your place and some cheating on the place of those that just jumped from their cars into the line. There we STOOD for another hour until 4am when vouchers were handed out for the items on the 7 hour sale (front page of the add). We then waited for until 5am for the doors to open.
The doors were FLUNG open and the carnage began!!!! There was the biggest push of humanity I have ever seen! (I'm in Kansas so packs of people is not a common occurrence). There was no violence, just lots of jockeying for the goodies we wanted. I stood 2 lines for 3 hours total but I got my game, a nifty laptop for $250 (yes, you saw right!!) and the spiffiest new digital camera for $189!!!
We have already put the camera to use for my mom and OH BABY, was it nice!!

This was the funnest, silliest thing my friend and I have EVER done! What a riot!!
Would we do it again? You betcha but after a nap this time!!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Not quite knitting content

ok, so it's not even close. It is yarn, but just one stick. I saw a cute scarf made from lots of little crocheted flowers in three colors, then connected in rows. SOOO of course I thought, "oh, how easy!! I could make that!!!" I'm making one for a friend. I thought a cute little skull cap with a bigger flower to match.

MAn!! I wish my fingers could go faster!! I FINALLY finished the project of dooooom!! I can't say what it is since it's a birthday present for somebody (and I'm late, what a dork!!) Because I love her, it was worth it. I even didn't curse it with bad karma from all the bad words I uttered at it. Seeing as it was the project's fault and all, it had it coming!! Couldn't have had anything to do with me!!! NO WAY!!

I've been ooogling what to make for Christmas presents and who would appreciate handcrafted goodness and who gets store bought. Ya, you know who you are!!! I bought a Martha Stewart holidays, oooh, stuff I can make!! I neeeed to make the felted slippers! The instructions for these and lots of goodies from the magazine can be found here Martha Stewart Living

Not that she needs my help, but I reallllly liked this magazine. It's full of things I want and CAN do for normal people. Wow, usable things for normal prices from Martha. Who knew?!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Knitting Content

I know, I know, it's another tote. It's all I've been allowing myself to make though, so sorry!! I really want to make this venture work and the ideas have been poring out of my ears! Ya gotta move it while the mood is there.

I made this one kinda for myself so it wouldn't break my heart to not sell. (are you supposed to say those things outloud,hmm, maybe not)

I think just for a break I'm going to finally get at the pattern BlackPurl sent me, but I'm going to use some black/grey regia first. I've not had the best luck with socks yet so if I biff it, I won't have wasted the gorgeous yarn she sent me. I gotta be worthy of that gorgeous yarn!!

Here's an attempt of an upclose of the colorway. It's so pretty but NO ONE can tell!! Ugh, what I wouldn't give for a better camera!! Oh well, it's better then nothing (not much, but...)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Who're You Callin' a Pansy?

We got another one!! I like how this one came out much better then the sweater one. Aww, cute if I don't say so myself. I'm kinda biased though.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Another bag for Etsy

WHOO HOO!! Look at me fly, wheee (can you feel the sarcasm). Now I have a whole two bags on Etsy. Gotta start somewhere though!! The happy news is I did sell the little black tote with roses. I'm actually pretty happy about the whole thing. There has been much inspriration flying around thanks to Dawn (HI!!) so this experiance is a work in progress. Etsy does a nice job of being very user friendly so be sure and give it a try!! What a wonderful place to get some unique Christmas presents and support the little artists with big dreams.

Like the lining? hehe

Vote 'Cause We Should!!

As good Americans, we need to vote to make our voices heard. I do wonder though if those we vote for actually hear what we are saying. This election year, on the local level at least, has been one of the ugliest, dirtiest, nastiest I've seen in a long time and that's really saying something. The funny thing is the worst mudslinging is for the Attorney General Position. Maybe I'm naive or uninformed but when has that been that important to most of us really?

I will pick but I admit it will be more of an eeny meany pick for these two. I'm tempted, very very tempted to write in Bernie of Bernie's Pizza. Quality you can count on and never snipey. I will vote because it is my duty and it's what we should do. I admit though that is not a task that brings any pleasure, but only that is my duty.

I wonder if the politicians really care that as Americans, I am not alone in this attitude? I wonder if the politicians really care about us at all or is it about position, pride and greed mostly? I'm sorry to say I believe politicians have no idea what is going on, care or are even able to truly make a difference.

I am one voice, but this is MY voice and I choose to use it. I only hope I use it wisely and to make a difference for all that is good and right.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Humbling of a Shmuck

Recently I've been going through something. I don't know what that something is, but both my parents said they noticed I've been having an attitude. I didn't know I was having an attitude, why didn't anyone tell me sooner? Why didn't I notice until I had to be crushed by someone I (wrongly) put trust in? Why didn't anyone say "hey big head jerk!! Knock it off!!" until now? How long have I been having this attitude?

I also learned first-hand what I already knew. Gossip is BAD, it can (and will) turn around and bite you square in the butt. I learned that loneliness is really, really painful. I wanted to have someone to trust and thought this someone was a friend, so I/we gossiped while we chatted. You guessed it, it came back around with a vengence when this person told what I said to the person I gossiped about. OUCH!! Very stupid, very very stupid and immature and rotten. I deserve whatever bad things that come my way for awhile. Being humbled hurts, but is necessary. I wish it wasn't though. I wish I had listened to the spirit before but now I have to eat a huge helping of humble pie. I deserve it, I have it coming.

I'm sorry if this sounds pathetic. I'm sorry to anyone I've hurt. I'm sorry I've felt so alone, but maybe I brought it on myself. Most likely. I wish I was the person I want to be; a better mother, wife and friend. A better daughter of God. I wish I could be MORE. I think I am trying, I think I'm not doing such a bad job and then your parents tell you you've had an attitude. Thirty something years old and I still have an attitude. Do we ever get smarter or just older?

At the same time I'm having this pity party, I am reminding myself of my rich blessings. The Lord has given me a wonderful family I don't deserve (not self pity, I know who I have been in the past). I have the love of a most amazing, smart, supportive husband and beautiful sons any mother would be proud to have. I have some wonderful, special friends. Dawn in particular has become more precious to me then she will know. I want to be sure to try to let her know, I never want to loose another important person again because I wasn't a good friend. We have a home of our own, good schools and plenty of food. Even the opportunity to learn and try to use my talents is a blessing. Having and knowing those talents, being able to develop them is a huge blessing. Even being inspired by so many that are so much more talented is a blessing. How wonderful to see the beauty of those that try and do!!!

I am a shmuck, but I know I am. Now I will try to become a more humble shmuck. Please hold my hand and bear with me. And please, someone, tell me when I'm being too much of a shmuck.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Another successful experiment- Single skein knitting bag

What do you guys think? I'm feeling pretty good about this one as a first sample. It's a single skein knitting bag, made on purpose to be small. It fits a cake of yarn perfectly. I think maybe tooo perfectly though. Maybe a bit bigger to fit a project larger then socks. I put a clip on the bag so the handle could be removed and the bag hooked onto a bigger bag. There is a draw string on the other side but you can't see it. The bag could be closed and hold the yarn inside as you knit along. The yarn can be secure and not flop around and fall on the floor as you pull from a skein. (I want this to keep my yarn safe while knitting so doggy hair doesn't get on the skein. At least slow the dog hair content down a little ya know!!) Just trying some ideas. Thinking the pocket either needs to be bigger or not there. Maybe a long skinny slot for scissors. I'm gonna carry it to the next open knitting day at my LYS and put it to a reality test. Sorry the picture isn't so spiffy, I was feeling lazy. The weather is windy and grey so it's not my fault. Everything is quiet and slow around the house today. I need a snack not that ISN'T candy. Who would ever think those words would ever be spoken?!?!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Finished and just for me

I finished this little tote as an experiment. I think it was a success and I learned some nifty tricks so it's all good baby!! Now to make some for my Etsy store, Dawn gave me a good idea to make them more of a diaper bag, lots of pockets. For mom, not for baby!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I recieved my wonderful smelling tote from Tote Exchange 2 this afternoon from the wonderful Lisa. It is the nicest two colors of chocolaty browns, striped. She lined it too with a big pocket just right for my phone and keyfob. I already have everything transferred over and now need to go out so I can show it off.
Lisa also included three soaps and a body whip all handmade by her. You can find her great stuff at Ozark Body and Bath and get some great things too!! She even ships for Secret Pal stuff too!!


We all happily survived the treck in search of much candy. The boys trick or treated for more candy than I have ever seen The bootie included 16 full sized candy bars!! before. Can you sense the glee in Jordan's face? And here is Jordan and Josh modeling their Wizard capes I made for them (last Christmas to be used as bathrobes or fun) (like my pretty blue hair, I love this silly wig). Notice even Halloween needs a knitted object. Jordan is wearing my first successful knitted object, a Harry Potter scarf. I got the pattern from Atypically.knit so it is the "authentic pattern" Go me!! (Ravenclaw is the best!!). Morgan was still out doing some extra trick or treating with his friends, he's too old to stick around with his parents and Dale took our picture since he wasn't really wearing a costume Tons fun was had by all! The weather was just cold enough to remind us that fall is here. The was a lot of neighborhood participation, it's wonderful to see everyone come together for something and to see the creatvity of others. There were some awesome houses! One family had a chainsaw weilding maniac jump at the kids (from a safe but still scary distance). Their house was complete with bloody chalk outline on the driveway, grave stones in the front yard with Caution tape and "Halloween" theme music blaring out of the garage. Super fun!! And finally, Dale THINKS he gets all this? We think not hehe

PS That is Jordan's arm on the left side, NOT my butt. I've been having horrible "big butt" image and this pic didn't help. I was trying to NOT stand flat on to the camera. Having turned a bit sideways, now looks like that's my rear, not his robe arm. OOOH DEAR!! No more candy for me!!!!!!!!!!!!