Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Vote 'Cause We Should!!

As good Americans, we need to vote to make our voices heard. I do wonder though if those we vote for actually hear what we are saying. This election year, on the local level at least, has been one of the ugliest, dirtiest, nastiest I've seen in a long time and that's really saying something. The funny thing is the worst mudslinging is for the Attorney General Position. Maybe I'm naive or uninformed but when has that been that important to most of us really?

I will pick but I admit it will be more of an eeny meany pick for these two. I'm tempted, very very tempted to write in Bernie of Bernie's Pizza. Quality you can count on and never snipey. I will vote because it is my duty and it's what we should do. I admit though that is not a task that brings any pleasure, but only that is my duty.

I wonder if the politicians really care that as Americans, I am not alone in this attitude? I wonder if the politicians really care about us at all or is it about position, pride and greed mostly? I'm sorry to say I believe politicians have no idea what is going on, care or are even able to truly make a difference.

I am one voice, but this is MY voice and I choose to use it. I only hope I use it wisely and to make a difference for all that is good and right.

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