Tuesday, September 11, 2007

OH man! It's Been Far Too Long!!

WOW, have I neglected my poor little blog! Now I know what it feels like to be busy, but whew!

Many new changes have occured around here, not all good. We lost one of family members, our beloved little yorkie, Mindy, a few weeks back. She suddenly had a seizure and never really came back from it. The one good thing was she really never knew what hit her. We loved her dearly, she was sweet, kind and so tiny.

On a more positive note, we added a NEW family member. The stick household now has Suki, a silky terrier (we think). There had been no plans to have a second doggie again, but our dear Suki showed up unannounced, literally bounding into our lives. There is no walking with this little girl, just levels of bounce. I don't think she is much more then a year old and cute as she can be!!

This also bring me to some exciting news!! My KIP group has begun their own team to earn money and run for Wookstock in Oct. It is the yearly HUGE fundraiser for our local Humane Society. I started the team with the small goal of raising $150, I bet we can get there plus some!! You can join us or just see what's going on at Yarn Hounds

There has been a little knitting on some lovely new yarn I purchased from a friend on Etsy! You can find her yarn on Etsy at Yarndale . She uses a lovely wool, nylon blend. It is silky smooth to work with and the colors are deep and rich. I have gotten several compliments from my KIP group. The colors are even more lovely in person, give her a try!!