Wednesday, June 13, 2007

In The Pink

These little boxes are kinda addicting!! Once you get the hang of the process, it's pretty fun!! These little puppies can be found to take home for your very own at StickchicShwag Yes, I'm trying to get you to go shopping!! Check out Etsy! You won't be disappointed with all the wonderful artisans there!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Boxed In

Finally!! I've been working on protypes and finally!!! A finished file folder circular needle case. Designed like a camera case, but stiffer, this little fabric box is custom sized for circular needles. I found little ziploc baggies each circ fits neatly into.Now there should be no more digging for my size in my big box or losing those little plastic things each needle comes in. Also, the little baggies are great for those small things like stitch markers, pompom makers, and row counters. I stuck them in a baggy and there they sit waiting with my needles. Just like a little rolodex, just grab the size divider, pull out the baggy and get whatever needle you're looking for!! Right at your fingertips!!

I have been hoping I'm not the only one that thinks this is a good idea. I've never seen anything like it and I'm hoping that's not because it's crazy. Only one way to find out!!
These two (and hopefully some more), plus some other things, are in my etsy store. The link is over on the sidebar, feel free to use it alllll you want!! What's a little self promotion right? hehe

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Secret is Out!!

It came, it finally came!!! Poor Barb sent my shawl for the International Scarf Exchange 4 awhile ago. It finally arrived yesterday!! (I had to get the camera from my mom, some people!) It is very lovely, in shades of blue (my favs lately). Just perfect to wear with almost anything! It's small enough to take anywhere too, but covers the shoulders just right for those chilly airconditioners. Barb also included two skiens of fun verigated cotton that I haven't seen but will be putting to use!!

Thank you Barb, it's perfect!!!

International Knitting in Public Day

Be sure and celebrate International Knitting in Public Day this Saturday, June 9th!! Do it with some friends, your guild or even alone! Muggles will stare and all will be good in the world!

Knitters Unite!!!!!!!!!