Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Came Early

Halloween came a day early and we had visitors!! Maverick (get it, Top Gun) and a hanger-on. That woman loves a Maverick ya know!!

Okay, so it's me doing a Palin impression (and not so well). Hubby wanted something subtle and came up with the maverick idea. I took his idea and went with a less then subtle compliemntary costume. Me? Subtle?? I wouldn't know the meaning of the word if it hit me in the head. T

Tonight was our church Trunk or Treat so we dressed up the kiddies (they wanted to take pictures tomorrow). Two days of dressing up and candy gathering fun!! It's the best!!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Welcome October!!

It's my favorite time of year!! The trees turn into gorgeous blazes of reds, golds and oranges while the hot summer heat gives way to cool autumn. It's time to break out the knitting in full force and cuddle up with some hot chocolate.

Much has been going on and yet nothing new. Changes are in the wind but we must patiently wait. Hubby is job hunting so huge changes could be in store but until the hunt is successful, we lie in wait. The waiting is trying our patience but we know it is for the best. Hubby's job is at a dead end so we need to find a new path and honestly, I'm due for some changes more than I care to admit.