Wednesday, November 01, 2006


We all happily survived the treck in search of much candy. The boys trick or treated for more candy than I have ever seen The bootie included 16 full sized candy bars!! before. Can you sense the glee in Jordan's face? And here is Jordan and Josh modeling their Wizard capes I made for them (last Christmas to be used as bathrobes or fun) (like my pretty blue hair, I love this silly wig). Notice even Halloween needs a knitted object. Jordan is wearing my first successful knitted object, a Harry Potter scarf. I got the pattern from Atypically.knit so it is the "authentic pattern" Go me!! (Ravenclaw is the best!!). Morgan was still out doing some extra trick or treating with his friends, he's too old to stick around with his parents and Dale took our picture since he wasn't really wearing a costume Tons fun was had by all! The weather was just cold enough to remind us that fall is here. The was a lot of neighborhood participation, it's wonderful to see everyone come together for something and to see the creatvity of others. There were some awesome houses! One family had a chainsaw weilding maniac jump at the kids (from a safe but still scary distance). Their house was complete with bloody chalk outline on the driveway, grave stones in the front yard with Caution tape and "Halloween" theme music blaring out of the garage. Super fun!! And finally, Dale THINKS he gets all this? We think not hehe

PS That is Jordan's arm on the left side, NOT my butt. I've been having horrible "big butt" image and this pic didn't help. I was trying to NOT stand flat on to the camera. Having turned a bit sideways, now looks like that's my rear, not his robe arm. OOOH DEAR!! No more candy for me!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dawn said...

Looks like LOTS of fun was had by all!!! Love the hair!!!

Lisa said...

I've heard the term "blue hair" before but this is taking it to the extreem dontch think? Looks like fun was had by all. I'm so glad to be able to put a face to a name now!
Love ya!