Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas

The holidays are fast upon us. Most of the shopping is done, meals are being planned and we are all safe at home.

Today is the kid's last day of school with parties and snacks aplenty. Hubby took the week off so happily he can attend also. The presents are mostly all wrapped and all is well.

Part of me is a bit sad, money has been tight so I was concerned that the gift load would be light. A week ago, some friends had a serious house fire and lost most everything. While helping sort through what was left of their lives, the one thing we say but sometimes don't always mean was "at least we have each other" and everyone was safe. Isn't that what Christmas is really about?

I found at that my ward donated over $2300 with no official announcements made, just donations from any who desired, the high school band donated $870 from ONE night's concert donations and the high school (students and parents) donated $1200 to this family. Hubby got some friends together from MOG and they put together enough money that hubby was able to purchase three MP3 players.

In a time where the economy and all of us are struggling, we still came together to help a family in true need. My hopes and my heart are renewed. The presents are nice, but I have what truly counts. Love.