Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Another bag for Etsy

WHOO HOO!! Look at me fly, wheee (can you feel the sarcasm). Now I have a whole two bags on Etsy. Gotta start somewhere though!! The happy news is I did sell the little black tote with roses. I'm actually pretty happy about the whole thing. There has been much inspriration flying around thanks to Dawn (HI!!) so this experiance is a work in progress. Etsy does a nice job of being very user friendly so be sure and give it a try!! What a wonderful place to get some unique Christmas presents and support the little artists with big dreams.

Like the lining? hehe


Dawn said...

The lining is gorgeous. It looks wonderful. Did you do intarsia on it? I wonder if you light the bag with a lamp or something you would get a better pic. Sometimes I wish I knew more about taking pictures!

Black Purl said...

WOW!!! You are quick. The lining looks great. I REALLY loved the black bag...beautiful!