Saturday, September 18, 2010


Things have changed dramatically around our household as in, well, the whole house. We have moved to San Antonio, TX and are loving it! We have been here about three weeks now and the dust is finally starting to settle and the family is in a routine. The kids are learning whole new outlooks on life and people which pleases me to no end. There is so much variety to experience here and we want to dig in deep to our new home!

*Photo is not mine. I wish!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Sooo, I have a teenager who is being every bit a teenager.

The Boy: "have you done my laundry?" (he asked me nicely yesterday to do it)
Me: "Oh, I need to dry it but ya."
The Boy: "Oh no, all of my stuff needs to be turned inside out or it will fade"
Me: "If you want special requests, maybe you should do it yourself."
The Boy: (In an accusatory tone) "Aren't you supposed to be the mom?"

I don't know where he got this attitude but part of me wants to put my foot up his butt. I'm pulling a full load of courses, (managing a 3.75-3.5, doing lessons for Seminary, maintaing the house and The Boy... played Need for Speed and not much more. Where did this sense of entitlement come from??

Monday, April 19, 2010

I Think, Therefore This Sucks

Ugh, this semester has been a bit hard. I am into the final, don't wanna take courses. This semester has been Philosophy, History of Western Civ I, Public Speaking and Creative Writing. Most of them I'm doing alright but the Philosophy... UGH UGH UGH. I find almost no valid reason for it and am just hanging on for dear life.

Most of the time, I don't understand the Why of it- Why do the philosophers feel the need to ask if they exist? If they can ask, doesn't that therefore mean they exist? I find myself unable to make any connections and that makes it hard to study. Hubby says this is one of those things that goes in one ear, hang on long enough to pass the test and dump it... I agree.

To be is to have to study harder! ACK!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life in High Speed

The horses are out of the gate and they're off! Things used to run in slow motion around here but no longer. The semester is in full swing and homework commenses! I've already had and submitted homework and just finished more homework. The knitting has taken a bit of a backseat but it's still there. If you're good boys and girls, I might even take some pictures! REALLY!
Ravelympics is about to start in conjunction with the Olympics. I shall be embarking on a trip to Estonia to participate. I know, I know, the Olympics are not in Estonia but the project is from there. I shall be traveling the path of many more fabulous and talented knitters than I as I attempt to conquer the wild Nub!
Stay tuned- will the homework beast devour me in an ever growing pile of books and papers? Will I get lost and hopelessly tangled in Estonia?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Calm Before the Storm

Well boys and girls, here we are on our last day of Christmas vacation from college. Tomorrow is the beginning of my second semester as a returning student- think I can do it again? I think so too!!

This semester is filled with scary things- Philosophy, History of Western Civ, Gen Physical Science (which Bubba could probably do!!) and Creative Writing. I'm really looking forward to the writing class. I've been wanting to sharpen those rather dull skills for awhile.

I did get one of the BEST things in the mail the other day- A certificate for being on the Dean's Honor Roll last semester. ME! Now to turn in a repeat performance. Hold onto your butts!!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Back to the Grind (Mostly)

School is back in session for the boys and Seminary is off and running (kind of). It feels good to be back on schedule. Classes don't resume for me until the 19th, which is fine. Gives me a little time to get things together.

In the land of knitting, a Ravelry pal and I are going to take a trip to Estonia. She has designed a lovely little itinerary consisting of a rectangular shawl. She just sent the chart so I could try a swatch. This should be an exciting journey into the unknown! I'll take pictures of the journey as we go!

Things have been ridiculously cold- Two degrees with a windchill of -13 during the day... YIKE!! We survived quite nicely, cooking a lot of soups and warm meals. It is nice to have so many yummy soups in our arsenal. I've been trying to include more broth type soups instead of my beloved cream-based soups in an effort to be more health conscious. The Pants on Ravelry has started a thread and a group to support each other. I lost three pounds already this week!! I still need to include MUCH more exercise into my routine but...