Friday, October 13, 2006

A Shopping I Did Go!!

Oh ya!! Hit the yarn store hard today. This isn't a great photo of the super pretty yarns, but a couple are surprises and I don't want them to know a)which is theirs or b)how really nifty the stuff I got for them is (I think)

I took the very good advice of a very good friend and sat in my local yarn stores open time. It was sooo good for me, I got some advice on a project but more importantly, found others with similar loves and was embraced by fellow crafting sisters. There is something only those with similar passions in common can offer each other. I had lost that contact with a group that inspires me like that and feel embraced by the warmth thinking and creating brings.

If you are feeling lonely, take my smart (but tooo far away!!) friends advice and find a local group of knitters/crafters, join a quild or whatever you have!! A little effort will do wonders for your sanity (and your families too) It seems basic, kind of a "duh" but I hadn't done it since moving to Kansas. I was unfulfilled and didn't know why. I was expecting too much from those not capable of understanding the thought processes I was having and putting too much into trying to be the perfect mom/wife (what a joke, never feel like I'm anywhere close). I lost ME and that special contact with women like me. It feels selfish, can't afford it, too busy.

What is the cost of losing your creativity and teaching your children you are not the taxi service. Our children maybe need not go to all the soccer games or dance lessons if it means we teach them women are individuals with our own dreams. What messages are we teaching our children? Are we teaching them the world revolves around them and once you're an adult, you have no personal identity or dreams? Once my kids were old enough to go to school for the whole day, I became lost with nothing of my own anymore. I am still smart and creative, but couldn't tap into it. It has taken me two years and I'm still not anywhere close to what I want for myself, still lost in many ways. We have to join together as women in our communities to ensure others don't feel lost in the crowd. Women are committing suicide because of feelings of inadequacy and loneliness, it is a real problem.

Everyone is busy, but so many are lonely while they rush off to yet one more activity. Too busy being the perfect mom/wife to take care of ourselves. This is happening on a national level and no one takes it seriously. (Poor hubby, he tries so valiantly to listen when I need to talk to someone to about the virtues of my newest yarn/fabric/paint) I have been contemplating quitting my church position in charge of our women's activities. I feel so unneeded and run over currently, but last night we had a get together. After listening to the other women brought me to the realization how many others want/need what I desire to accomplish for them. The women expressed their needs/wants to have purpose, dignity and beauty in their lives, to be WOMEN.

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