Monday, October 23, 2006

Like the lining?

Finally a finished project!!I really enjoy making purses but only need so many myself. The holidays and my two best friends have birthdays coming too but I'm thinking of trying to sell this puppy and a few of it's friends (not done yet) on Etsy. I've gotten myself into trouble with overspending and would like to try to support my yarn habit at least. It's this or I'm having my hubby put me on an allowance. I think I may try both since it will take time to find my niche and see if anyone else on Etsy likes me. Oh am I praying they do!!

And this is my version of knitty's "Loopy and Luscious". I'm using a bulky yarn half the size of what the pattern calls for a more subtle effect along with a darker colored mohair. I've gotten alot of compliments (oh sooo good for my little ego) at my LYS. It's about halfway done, I want it REALLY long I think.