Saturday, October 28, 2006

A second purse finished!!

I've been wanting to finish this little baby for awhile. Finally it's done and listed on Etsy with The Grey Beast!! I guess this is my blog so I can make the shameless self-promo. I finally got these two (only two but ya gotta start somewhere right?) listed on under StickChicShwag.I hope someone besides me likes them enough to buy them. I love making these bags and shopping (there, I admit it) but am tired of ruining our bank account. We just refinanced our house and bought a car because our other car was giving up the ghost. We were making it fine but these two new things made our payments and car insurance go up enough that we are barely scraping by again. I'm tired of the constant struggle and would like to at least support my yarn/fabric habits, maybe pay for some of the smaller bills at least. I don't want to be the next Martha Stewart (like that would ever happen, hahaha!!) but I would love to ease the burden on my husband. The Lord has blessed me with these talents and it is something I love. I want to give it my best shot and see what happens. What more can anyone ask right?


Dawn said...

The purse is beautiful! Well done!

Black Purl said...

WOW! Your purse is beautiful!!! Wonderful Job!

Deborah said...

How cute is that bag!

Bunny buttons? I found them at the junkie world of Joann's craft store. You'll find some really neat stuff there if you can find it amongst all the other clutter!