Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Great Surprise!!

What a wonderful surprise awaited me today in the mail! My Hotsocks package came today and I had NO idea!! It was filled with wonderful things from Janet in SC. The hot cocoa she says is GREAT (oh ya, it's the perfect gloomy day for dippin into that later!!) Plus, some GORGEOUS blue varigated wool and a great pattern for socks, a super fun book, some yummy looking teas and a chocolate bar that I'm dying to sink my teeth into. Thank you Janet!! You rock!!

In other news, stay tuned for a shameless self promo. I FINALLY got the Grey Beast felted bag listed on Etsy. One lonely thing, but we all have to start somewhere. I'm done with the cutest little black bag too aside from the lining so today is kinda of a pat on the back. Took me dang near toooo long to get even this far as to allow myself to stick it out on Etsy! I think I'm scared silly someone is going to say "oh, your stuff sucks" or is not good enough. I won't know until I try and I decided after A LOOOONG time debating with anyone that would listen (sorry everyone) that I would only make things I like. At least I know SOMEONe likes my stuff even if it's just me mostly.

I worry that I am too influenced by other wonderful artists/crafters that my things won't be unique enough. I'm scared of failure and I think I'm scared of success too.
I'm so scared that I have allowed myself to quit believing my dreams, let self doubt rule me and allow the fear of failure to stop me before I ever began. I may not be the best but even the best had to start somewhere. I think I am on the right path. I am happy and creating, have the most wonderful and supportive friends and family so what more could a girl want? I want personal success, not success by how the world measures it though. I don't want millions of dollars (okay, that's a lie and we all know it) but that's not the driving force. I have something to say and I choose to say it through knitting and sewing. This is my voice!! Hear me roar (er, my sewing machine hum, doesn't sound as forceful though)

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Black Purl said...

I am so glad that you like everything. I was so afraid that you might already have the book...there are some cute patterns in there. Our husbands MUST be cut form the same cloth because my hubby tried to steal my chocolate too!