Tuesday, October 10, 2006

It's rainy outside and I'm SLACKING!

Ever notice that when it is rainy and grey outside, it's hard to make yourself move? Today is that day. It is a fabulous day for watching old movies under a warm blankie with a cup of cocoa. Problem is, it's only Tuesday afternoon and there are many things crying for my attention. Aren't there always though?

So far, I've done a bang up job of ignoring the many tasks that I should be doing. I did manage to finish these stitch markers. They are Hostess cakes for my very good friend in England who cannot purchase Twinkies overseas. I know!! OH THE HUMANITY!!! So I made her permanent ones. Not sure if that's a nice thing or torture. I made others too, but won't post them until she has them. It's a surprise and she might peek!!

I've been trying to be more productive with my time. You would think that in today's world with everyone else being so busy that there would be no time for boredom. It's incredible, but here I am!! My three boys are all in school and I'm still in limbo of trying to gainfully occupy my time. I have put alot of thought into what to do with myself, but so far LAZY is winning. My aspirations are much bigger than my motivation or something like that. Hmmm, might be time to clean off the old workspace and see what we can do with ourselves. I think that pile of fabric I bought too long ago has taken over the chair (at least I remember a chair being there, uh oh).

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Dawn said...

Hmmmmm....those look lovely! Thought for a sec you might have forgotten I would be checking out your blog and have posted the pics.....sigh....guess I better wait until they get here!!!!