Friday, December 18, 2009

Long Overdue

This last 18 weeks have flown by in a blur. After about twenty, yes twenty years, I finally returned to college. I took twelve hours at Butler Community College with the original intent to transfer to Newman University. I enjoyed the experience of Butler so much (and I admit the cheaper tuition) so much that I am not going to transfer to Newman just yet.

Throughout the semester, as part of English Comp II we kept on online journal then last night I watched Julie and Julia. I enjoyed the online journal idea and now it has come to a close. After watching the movie, it inspired me to keep the idea alive. The optimum was three times a week and that was fairly easy to keep up with. I think that while I have nothing monumental and no real challenge like cooking 500 recipes, I will challenge myself. My challenge is to record next semester using my sadly neglected blog.

The experience of going back to school was remarkably enjoyable. After all this time trying to figure out what to do with myself, the struggle of trying to find who I really am and a real purpose outside of being a mother or wife was there. I've taught the last three years and have always loved English- writing and literature. The answer was there- teach. That is my goal- improve my writing and complete my Masters Degree in Secondary Education.

I finished this last semester with a 3.75 on the Dean's Honor Roll. I'm going to do it again and keep this ball rolling!

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Cindy said...

Really enjoyed this blog. I too returned to school at Butler in 2001 to complete a long sought-after degree. I truly enjoyed my experience as a student at Butler so much that I took a position here. I recently graduated from Newman with a Master's degree because one of my instructors at Butler convinced me that I could. Congratulations on your return and good luck for the future!