Saturday, January 20, 2007

Snowed In!!

Baby, it's cold outside and we've got no place to go! Life has been temporarily called off on account of snow and lots of it!! We have cocoa, games to play and lots of knitting and sewing to do. What more does a girl need?!?! Bring it on!! These are pictures from my front porch. There should be a sidewalk lined with rocks in front of the concrete step. Snow all day today, more snow allll night and not stopping until Monday. Whew!! That's alot!!


blair said...

Enjoy the snow! In hindsight, being snowed in for several days like we were a couple of weeks ago really did a lot for me, I slowed down quite a bit (and I really needed to do that). You make your snowed-in set up sound cozy!

Heatherly said...

please share your snow! 7 weeks so far with no moisture! which sucks for it being the rainy season :-( where will LA get their water?

sweetfigs said...

I second that -- please share the snow! We don't have any in Chicago, just *super* cold temps. I'll be at work instead of snuggling at home with my dog and knitting.