Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Knitting Tote

Okay, I've made two of these small project/single skein bags out of Elvis fabric. I'm really not a fan, but my sister LUUUUUVS Elvis and says to try them on Etsy and Ebay so I am. We shall see.

Still working on the binary scarf. I'm on row 40 out of 60 and need to be done by Friday. Think I can make it? We shall see. I think I'm kind of a slow knitter and I'm reallllly getting bored with this thing. Having a heck of a time staying focused on anything lately.

Mostly, I want to make burp clothes from my new "Mason Dixon Knitting" I neeeed some bright colors. Then some bright toe up socks. That would be good seeing as I signed up for "my first toes up" and haven't been able to get to anything aside from that scarf. NO more numbers, no more numbers. Please stop with the 1's and 0's!! AHHHHH!!!


elisabetha said...

i remember seeing and admiring that binary scarf pattern - way to go for taking it on! the 1s and 0s must get so tedious though.

Thanks for visiting my bloggie, you have a lovely blog yourself! And that fun fur muppet murder is hilarious ;)

Catherine said...

1. Elvis bag is adorable!

2. What is the difference between Peaches & Cream and Sugar & Cream yarn? I've only seen S&C but I have the same colorway as the yarn pictured on the right in this post. Same company, just sold in different places?