Saturday, January 09, 2010

Back to the Grind (Mostly)

School is back in session for the boys and Seminary is off and running (kind of). It feels good to be back on schedule. Classes don't resume for me until the 19th, which is fine. Gives me a little time to get things together.

In the land of knitting, a Ravelry pal and I are going to take a trip to Estonia. She has designed a lovely little itinerary consisting of a rectangular shawl. She just sent the chart so I could try a swatch. This should be an exciting journey into the unknown! I'll take pictures of the journey as we go!

Things have been ridiculously cold- Two degrees with a windchill of -13 during the day... YIKE!! We survived quite nicely, cooking a lot of soups and warm meals. It is nice to have so many yummy soups in our arsenal. I've been trying to include more broth type soups instead of my beloved cream-based soups in an effort to be more health conscious. The Pants on Ravelry has started a thread and a group to support each other. I lost three pounds already this week!! I still need to include MUCH more exercise into my routine but...

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