Saturday, July 14, 2007

Order of the Phoenix ROCKS!

We got to see it!! We got to see it!! MAN, I know I'm not the first and won't be the last to wonder how the heck they made my least favorite Harry Potter book into, I think, the best movie!?!?" All my family and I could say was "WOW!!"

This is becoming the most exciting month for us geeks! A new Harry Potter movie with the final book nipping on it's heals (I'm part excited, sad and "concerned" about the book). Plus,my favorite RPG mod, Aielund Saga is also coming to it's long awaited finale. (It's a "Neverwinter Nights" mod in case you're wondering)

Of course with the new movie means some fabulous new knitting!!! So many cute scarves and some really awesome new sweaters. DARK school sweaters and check out Hermione's gryffindor hoodie!! I need it! OOOH BOY!!

Um, I really need to lay off the exclamation points. Yike

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