Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Best Secret Pal EVER!!

Mangy Ratso has got the be the BEST Secret Pal in the history of Secret Pals!! SP10 has come to a close (signups are getting ready for sp11).

Mangy Ratso (who has still not told me her real name) sent me the most luscious gourmet chocolates from San Francisco- Lemon Verbeana or Pink Peppercorn chocolates anyone? No? Good, 'cause I ate them! She also sent THREE hanks of alpaca to match the chocolates (YUM!!), five hanks of lucsious Classic Elite robin's egg blue cotton (my favorite color, which she knew), one beautiful hank of HER handspun, enough for socks or a scarf AND a nifty booklet on yarn requirements for many projects. SUPER handy for shopping!!

I just stood with my mouth hanging open as all of this fabulousness kept poring out. Thank you so much Mangy Ratso, you are FABULOUS!!!


Catherine said...

What treasure! That handspun looks divine. The chocolates sound so yummy!!

Mangy.Ratso said...


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