Monday, July 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Brodi!

I would like to proudly introduce you to my new nephew, Benjamin Brodi. Brodi was born Friday night at 12:30 and weighs 5 lbs, 4 ozs. He is a bit early, but all is well and he will get to come home Tuesday!! (He has had to have a breathing tube due to his earliness) I get to go for a visit in a week!! My sister is doing well also and came home Sunday. He looks so cute and tiny, I can't wait!!

While my sister was in labor, my family and I were doing all the Potter parties! After sending the kids home with hubby, I waited patiently for midnight like every other fan, but learned from experiance to go to Walmart and NOT wait in the huge Borders line (I waited 2 hours to pick up my copy and then pay last time). Sure enough, walked into Walmart, zipped through a super fast line and was in my car within 20 minutes. Walking past Borders, people were sitting on the floor still waiting to get their book. Hubby and I finished reading and still walking around with our jaws hanging open when we think about all that happened! (No worries, no spoilers here).

Now, since the book is read I can get on with some baby knitting. Must.. work.. faster!!

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