Friday, September 29, 2006

Dead Girl walking (in GREAT socks)

Well the inevitible has happened, I was killed and the post man only rang once. My blood ran cold as I saw the special van in front of the house. I opened the door to recieve a squishy package with the simple "stinky socks" (my war name) above the address. My hands shook as I gently RIPPED open the package to find *gasp* DEATH in the most gorgeous, soft baby blue socks you could ever hope to wear and WOW are they FABULOUS!! BUT WAIT!! They smelled great too. Muthaknitter had included a candle the scent of "Peace" (Betcha didn't know peace had a smell huh? But let me tell you, it smells divine!) To make the journey sweeter, she also included two yummy gourmet chocolate bars (had to smack my hubby's hands away from the lime macadamia nut one) and a pedicure kit to keep my feet in great shape while wearing these baby blue beauties!!


Dawn said...

What a way to go!!!! If you have to it in baby blue socks with chocolate!!!!

Sneaksleep said...

Great death scene! The chocolate sounds delicious too!

Ginny said...

YAY!! They made it!

I'm so excited that your "death" was a good one. Let's keep in contact just like old war buddies!