Thursday, September 21, 2006

This is my first blog site!

I've seen so many fun sites, I wanted to try my own. (So give me a break if it sucks) My name is Melissa and I live in Kansas. I have recently discovered knitting and am now an addict and I don't ever want to recover!! I also do silk ribbon embroidery and smocking among other things. Okay, I sound totally boring, WOW!

This is a pic of my dog "Nut" (Not the best pic ever, I'll have to take another)We rescued her from the Rocky Mtn German Shorthair Pointer Rescue. I think it is a wonderful way to find a fabulous friend. She is a welcome addition to our home and you will not find a more loyal friend. Check out some others that could use a friend- (I have no affiliation with them, they are non-profit)

Recently I have joined the International Tote Exchange 2. I have made a great friend named Dawn from England who has a great blog site.


Dawn said...

Ahh.....I'm so glad you finally have a blog!!!! You obviously must have blogger beta...which I can't get yet. It looks cool!!! Looking foward to keeping an eye on this blog!

Dawn said...

By the way...Nut is a cutie!!!