Monday, May 14, 2007

Makin' a Run For It!!

This weekend went zooming by!! I ran in my first ever competitive race and WOW, was it exhilarating!!! I want to do it again!! Wichita has the RiverRun and I participated in the two mile. There is also a 10k for the real runners, but being a newbie, maybe next year (or maybe not). I have been working very hard to get into better shape and have lost 22 pounds so far.

Larissa inspired me with her Nike Run 100 miles. She is a knitter who runs (or is that a runner who knits? Hmmm). Something clicked, I wanted to be running out there too. I haven't really shared this with anyone until today, but it just sounds so right. I mean, it is my blog name and all right? RUNNING with Sticks. It started out being a joke- don't run with pointy objects like your mommy told you. Now it seems to have a whole new meaning, one I want to try to embrace. There are more small races this month and I think I will try them out, see what happens. There was something liberating, exciting, inspiring about running outside as opposed to my treadmill. The cheering, the sun beating on us, the push of the crowd and even the funny number you pin on your shirt. The idea that you are doing something different, special and by some, crazy.

I do realize this was only two miles, but my heart called out for MORE!! My soul leaped as the real runners went by finishing the 10k as we waited our turn to start. It was a siren call and I want to respond. Now if my dang knees will only hush!!! (Did you know knees can sound like rice crispies? Snap, crackle, Pop)


Mangy.Ratso said...

W00t! I too run road races and they are just great fun. And none of this about who is a "real runner." You got out there, you had a number, you did the race, real enough for me!!

Jknits said...

How very excitin! Congratulations on finishing your first race. It's a great accomplishment. Happy running.

ladylinoleum said...

That's awesome girlie! Good for you!

I race-walked the 2004 LA Marathon so I know the amount of training and focus preparing for a race entails.

You rock! Congratulations!

elisabetha said...

good for you and congratulations!! i started running myself a few years ago and haven't stopped since. But do take care of your knees though - i took a bad injury after my half-marathon and i've been cautious ever since - my goal is to eventually run a marathon one day. Congrats once again on the big accomplishment!

Gwen said...

I didn't know you are a runner! A couple of other knitters in our group are runners, also. Glad you came to meetup yesterday.