Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Birthday Week!!!

This has got to be the funnest birthday week ever! Presents have been coming in and my birthday isn't until Friday! Sweet!!

This DELICIOUS bag full of baby cashmerino came from my bestest friend Dawn. She is sooo sneaky!! Dawn lives in England and IM'ed me to ask where I like to order yarn for her sis. (Silly me, I know her sis doesn't knit/crochet), but did I catch on? Nope!! A few days later, this most wonderful bag arrived!! Dawn sent all these colors for me to use in the Granny Along, how cool is she?!?! She knows I'm addicted to baby cashmerino (or any cashmerino really) and like the super fabulous friend she is, feeds my yarn habit. http://www.pacificwoolandfiber.com/

Yesterday, this awesome package arrived from my AWESOME secret pal, Mangy Ratso!! Isn't that the cutest name? She is soo good at being secret, but promised to tell the story of her name. I'm betting it's as great as she is!! The kit is from Pacific Wool and Fiber in Oregon. I have really been wanting to learn to spin. This is such a thoughtful gift! There is an instruction booklet, a drop spool and some silk roving. (I hope I'm using the right words, gotta learn the lingo) Mangy Ratso says the silk spins into a beautiful, translucent yarn. OOOH, ahhh! (She is so sneaky that there was no name on the package, only the invoice. Very sly, this one!!)

Last but not least!! My tote from ITE3 arrived all the way from Singapore. Cassie sent this a few months ago, in time for the final date but the mail had other ideas. I had given up hope and then TA-DA, here this beauty came. It is just perfect too. She customized a Noni pattern to fit my needs and right in time for my birthday. She couldn't have timed it better!

Thank you all my wonderful friends!! This is shaping up to be the most wonderful birthday ever and there are still a few days to go!! The surprises keep rolling in! It's overwhelming (in such a good way) to feel so much love and friendship. Truly, the land of knitting is filled with the most wonderful people ever!


Mangy.Ratso said...

Yup, it's from me!!! Give it a twirl and let me know how you get on. Silk may be a bit intimidating, but it's actually really easy and forgiving to spin and you'll get the most beautiful translucent yarn.

Happy B-Day!!!!!

P.S. The chocolates are next, be warned!!!

elisabetha said...

happy birthday!! looks like you'll be tied up in yarn ;)

blair said...

Happy Birthday! (Wow, I'm early wishing someone a happy birthday for a change, can't believe it!)

Jknits said...

The tote is gorgeous - I was happy for you to finally get it. It was nice to see it posted on the ITE1V site. Good luck with the spinning. I was given a drop spindle and am endeavoring to learn myself
Jennifer P.

Asaknitter said...

Oh, I love the Debbie Bloss Baby Cashmerino too. Happy Birthday!

Bonnie D. said...

Happy Birthday Week! I'm glad you're having such a great week!

Chrissie said...

Happy Birthday Melissa,

so relieved the tote finally arrived!