Thursday, December 07, 2006

a WIP and a couple of bags

First some knitting content!! Yaay!!! This is some BEAUTIFUL pink wool my bestest friend sent me. I wanted to do something quick and easy that I could get done for myself. I wanta really long scarf so I'm waiting for one more skein of this yumminess. I'm hoping to leave myself enough to do a mathching Hershy Kiss hat, awwww. The scarf is just k2,p2. Easy peasy lemon squeezie and OH so rewarding!!
Also, I managed two more bags. One is for Dawn's sister-the biggest diaper bag you've ever seen!! It has 17 (yes, I'm not kidding) pockets!!!!
And finally, another bag for Etsy, YAAAYYY!! It's about stinkin' time!!


Dawn said...

Everything looks great!!!!!

Black Purl said...

I LOVE the diaper bag. What a great gift idea...too bad I can't sew. Good for you...knitting for yourself!

Deborah said...

I love those bags! I wore your other one to a yarn party and got loads of compliments, again!