Friday, April 18, 2008

Gone to Prison

Well, it's happened. I'm in Needleworth Prison (as an employee- gotcha!).

Okay, before anyone panics it's a group on Ravelry and it's been a bit too much fun!!
I had the idea to make some t-shirts for the group and with a lot of help and support, we did it!!

We have t-shirts on Spreadshirt AND Cafepress.

It's a neat deal. You upload your design, decide what you want it on and how much (if any) markup you want. People do it for fundraisers... Speaking of which- One dollar of each purchase from either place goes to Ravelry to help buy a new server. A cool shirt and being helpful!! It's win/win!! I'm wearing my Ravelry all summer long baby!!

The red badge is Jenifleur's and the black one is mine.

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