Thursday, February 28, 2008

When Life Hands You Lemons.... knit.

I know that's not the proverbial answer but right now that is all I'm left with to keep me sane.

We have a teenager in the house, all of fourteen since last September. He is trying every inch of our patience and sanity. Everytime we turn our backs, something new and disturbing shows up. We have done the grounding thing, no effect really. We have tried pretty much everything any decent parent has in their arsonal... all to no effect. The boy is pretty much impervious to any and all punishments, nothing phases him or bothers him.

It got me thinking about knitting though. Knitting never argues with you, knitting never hits it's brother or comes up with new ways to embarrass the family (well, if it does, it's the knitter's fault-- thinking Christmas sweaters). If you don't your knitting, you send it back to the frog pond, set it aside until you feel like dealing with it or just bag the whole thing and walk away. No fuss, no muss. Easy squeezy, lemon-peazy! I love knitting, it's all that is keeping me sane in a newly insane life.

Maybe I'll make my son take up knitting, he has lots of spare time on his hands since he's grounded for life at present.


Lara said...

Heh. My oldest daughter is 13. Why are teenagers so evil? I think now that my parents probably knew about a lot of the rotten things I was doing as a teen (that I thought I was getting away with) and just decided it wasn't worth a fight as long as I was keeping the rest of my life together. (I did know that my good behavior in most areas bought me a little bad behavior in others.)

I've always said my stitching and knitting was something that didn't get undone in the midst of all the dishes and laundry and picking up. I suppose it will help with teenagers, too.

elisabetha said...

knitting cures everything. so does chocolate. most certainly one day your teenager will realize how much pain he has caused you over his teenage years, and bring you yarn and chocolate forevermore. hang in there :)

Deborah said...

i beat my teenagers in their sleep...