Saturday, April 14, 2007

Shhhh! Secret Knitting!

I just wanted to show off my first time doing embossed knitting. The project is, you guessed it, a secret. More later!! Sorry for the overexposed pic. I didn't really want to post a good shot quite yet though. I will take a better picture after it's done and properly blocked. It's my first project using cashmerino, so nice on the fingers!!

This little square has a wonderful destiny ahead of it!! It is for something very special I have had the honor to be asked to participate in, but it's a secret. But only for just a bit longer, I promise!! This is my very first time using baby cashmerino and MAN, am I hooked on this stuff!!

I have to kinda laugh at myself. I'm still new enough to the land of knitting that when I fill out questionaires for secret pals etc, that I can't answer yet "what is your favorite thing to knit?" So far, I love everything I've tried. It almost all is new still. So much to still explore, why limit myself to a favorite? Not yet anyway!!


elisabetha said...

good job - i love the leaf pattern!! and i feel the same as you about knitting - i feel like i haven't broken in even one hundredth of all the possibilities out there!! but it's always a joy to discover new techniques and enter new realms :)

singljit said...

Hi, I just saw your comment to my latest post on ISE 4. If you want to trade yarn that would be cool! here is the link to the original yarn I purchased. One hank is rolled into a ball, but the rest are untouched. I'd love to give my nemesis yarn to a good home. :-)

Just let me know my blog is stop by and let me know if ya wanna trade. That's a cool idea I didn't even think of something like that.

Jknits said...

Those patterns look like so much fun! You did a great job on them. I'm eager to learn what the secret is!

singljit said...

Yeah!!!! Mini yarn swap!!! Woo hoo. I e-mailed you. Can't wait!!!

Forgot to ask in the e-mail. Do you dye yarn? If so are there any colors of Kool-Aid you can't get where you are?

Mangy.Ratso said...

Looking good, I especially like the blue-ish swatch with leaves.

After several years I knitting I can safely say that my favorite thing to knit is whatever makes me happy, be it the pattern or the materials.

You'll have a gifty soon, I'm hoping to mix the practical, the applicable and the luxurious and I'm just about done putting it together!

Catherine said...

Love your squares!!! (And I know what they're for...heeheehee!)